The SoCal region has its own Board of Managers, elected by the SoCal region membership for a two-year term, in a staggered fashion such that about 1/3 of the members are up for (re-)election every year.

This Board is responsible for planning events throughout the year, publishing the newsletter and our magazine (the Side Mount Mirror), and managing the finances of the club as well as membership. Board meetings are held bi-monthly and any club member is welcome to attend. All suggestions and new activity ideas are welcomed.

SoCal Region Board of Managers

  • Ron Verschoor (Term expires 2020) Director

  • Fred Lax (Term expires 2019) Vice Director & Membership Chair

  • Terry White (Term expires 2019) Treasurer & Finance Committee Chair

  • Gary Carr (Term expires 2021)

  • Martin S. Cousineau (Term expires 2019)

  • Paul Whitney (Term expires 2021) Advertising Committee

  • John Milliken (Term expires 2021)

  • Robert Robin (Term expires 2020)

  • Aaron Weiss (Term expires 2020)

Note: All Board members are part of the Activities Committee

Additional SoCal Regional Member Support Team

  • Art Director - Denise Baker

  • Webmaster - Pierre Lapointe

  • Membership/Activities/Insurance Committees Member - Paul Ginsburg

  • Regional Projects - Steve Snyder