The CCCA is dedicated to the collection, preservation, and enjoyment of the world’s finest automobiles manufactured from 1915 to 1948. It was incorporated in 1952 by a small group of enthusiasts dedicated to the preservation of truly distinctive automobiles – domestic and foreign-built during this “Classic Era”. Since 1952, the national club has become an international organization with over 3500 members worldwide and more than 29 regional chapters. Every year since the Club’s founding, CCCA Members have and continue to hold Grand Classic TM car shows (special tiered shows where each car is judged against a point system with the goal of achieving over several years the perfect 100-point car), enjoy CARavans (driving tours in their classic cars), and publish The Classic Car magazine plus other materials. CCCA exists because of people. As great as the cars may be, they cannot celebrate themselves; for that, people are required. The shared passion for wonderful automobiles is what brings Classic People together – the genuine friendships that continue to develop are what keep them involved.

The Southern California Region of the Classic Car Club of America, one of the largest Regions, with ~250 active members and ~100 associates, invites you to join us. You do not need to own a Classic Car to join, only be a classic car enthusiast!

As with the national club, we sponsor car events and publish newsletters and magazines - all geared locally to our SoCal members. We hope you will attend one of our events and meet our members. If you have any questions – we are always happy to hear from you! We embrace individuals who share our interests, appreciate the camaraderie, and support the goals of the club. When applying for new membership or renewal in the Southern California Region you must also join the National CCCA Visit the national CCCA website at